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How To Bring The Outdoors Inside For Your Big Day

How To Bring The Outdoors Inside For Your Big Day

So you want an outdoor wedding but not all of the anxiety that goes with the unpredictability of Michigan weather? Well, you’re in good company! That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this post to bringing the outdoors in.

It may sound obvious, but, if you want an “outdoor wedding” inside, simply bring the outdoors in! Here’s how…

Take a hike. No seriously, before creating your perfect indoor outdoor themed wedding, take a hike and see what catches your eye. Is it the moss? Bark on trees? Wild flowers? Long grasses? The sandy beaches? The possibilities are endless in Mother Nature, and we encourage you to use her as your muse.

Greenery. Nothing says outdoor like lush greenery and botanical bliss. Leaves, vines, and garlands strewn across the head table, bustled on the guest tables, accented on signage, or topping the wedding cake, is the perfect way to bring that outdoor feel, indoors.

All Natural. No we’re not suggesting you don’t wear any makeup to your wedding (unless you’re into that sort of thing, in which case, more power to you). We’re talking about your color scheme. Beige, blush, dusty blue, sage, and so many more colors are extremely versatile and work well in any season to bring that outdoor look, in.

Reach for the stars. Simulate that nighttime glow with string lights, Edison bulbs, bistro lights, and lanterns, just to name a few. Outside, the sun going down may mean a loss of warmth for guests. Inside, it makes no difference because the “stars” are still shining, and the guests are still comfortable.

A Picture Perfect Backdrop. It’s good for the gram, it’s good for the wedding photographer, and it’s good for bringing that outdoor look, in. Flower walls, leafy splendor, vine draped arches, and more can accent that outdoor look in the most picture perfect way.

That’s it, that’s all we’ve got…for now! Avoid sweat showing through on the bridesmaids, wind strewn hair, and the unpredictable weather by bringing your outdoor wedding inside, without losing the beauty of the outdoors.

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