March, 2019

Seven Tips To Planning A Same Year Wedding

You’re in love and just can’t wait! We get it, and this one’s for you.

Make A Checklist. Start organized, you’ll thank yourself later! It’s essential when in a time crunch.

Big Steps First. Budget, guest list, location. Discuss what you can reasonably afford with each other then with your parents. Determine  your must have people at the wedding. Figure out an appropriate location radius and search venue options within that area.

Keep It Simple. When it comes to a time crunch, the less vendors you have to coordinate, the better. Check out venues that are more inclusive, such as hotels. They typically have different space options for different size events, their own catering, liquor licenses, cutlery, day of coordinators and more. This will streamline the process.

Don’t Procrastinate. Make the call, send the email, fill out the form. Find out the preferred method of contact for a venue and use it. Calling is often the fastest  to see if the dates you’re interested in are available, but not always!

Recommendations Go A Long Way. Most venues will have a recommended vendor list. Use it. You could spend hundreds of hours looking at florists alone. The list is available because venues know those vendors are good to work with and have been appreciated by past couples.

When You Like Something, Book It. A lot of couples want to explore all of their options before picking. With so many options available and having limited time to book, don’t pass on something you know you like. You’ll go crazy and run out of time if you see every option possible. Who knew there was such a thing as too many options, amiright?

Round Up The Troops. Chances are, your family and friends are excited for the upcoming event. Enlist their help! Let them know where you’re at, what your deadline is, and what help you need. It can be a real lifesaver.

There you have it. Planning a last minute wedding can be hard, but with the right venue and the right team on your side, it’s 100% do-able! Here at the Radisson, we accommodate year of weddings as best we can and have opened up several dates this fall (2019)! Bottom line, if you’re a bride or groom looking to tie the knot sooner rather than later, you have options...and we hope you’ll consider us one of them!

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